¡More than tattoos, we make art!



JIM VLAD STUIDIOS is a non-traditional tattoo studio, we work to give excellent quality service, starting from the personalized support to the customer by knowing their need and how they want the design to be done, this is shown from the quality of service that we provide via phone, on our social media pages or our personalized attention to provide the best experience.

The service we offer goes further than a simple tattoo, we make sure that your idea comes to life and also to make it original and to create something never seen before. Our Artist counts with the experience, sensibility and creativity in his work. Based on each person individuality, expressing your personality and style on the final result. We also cover custom design; this is applied to any modification of an original tattoo to make it better or to create a new one from an original idea that the customer has.

At JIM VLAD STUDIOS we strongly believe there’s a difference between a common work and the work of an artist. Common work is when the tattoo artist just copies, traces and tattoos. The work of an artist is to create, draw, redesign, innovate and to give a personal touch to the tattoo for the clients to carry a piece of art on their skin that is authentic.

We are confident we can deliver an artistic creation like no other.



Jimmy Velazquez better known as JIM VLAD has several years of experience.

He attended college at the ENPEG “LA ESMERALDA” at the national center of art. He’s a plastic artist specialized on restauration, he also develops on other ambits like paint, music and sculpture. He has worked on diverse expos from national to international level. He discovered his passion for tattoos and decided to devote himself to the tattoo art 7 year ago, since then he has received different awards for his extraordinary development on design, fixing tattoos or personalized design.


Calle Cirrus, Condominio Febe #24
Fraccionamiento Real Solare, 4ta Sección
Monday-Sunday: 13:00 to 20:00

*Free hour election with scheduled appointment*


Want a quotation via e-mail? We will need:

1- Tattoo size, very important: the sizing needs to be measured in centimeters.
2- Indicate on which part of the body you want the tattoo to be done.
3- Attach some images as references of what you want, so we can have a better idea of the style and level of detail the tattoo needs.
4- If you have a specific detail, idea or request please describe it as detailed as possible.